Celtic Dream Basket

My lovely friend, Stephanie, asked me to design this prop basket pattern. She actually made the one pictured above. Even though the colors are neutral, the Celtic weave adds a wonderful pop of texture to the photo. However, this basket would also look great in the home as a storage container for yarn or other crafty items, so I’ve also included instructions for handles like the one pictured below.

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Size:   8″ tall x 16″ wide (with handles it measures about 10″ tall)


Third Loop: This is the strand of yarn that runs horizontally just below the back loop of the stitch. There is an excellent tutorial here: http://www.mooglyblog.com/third-loop-half-double-crochet/.

The Celtic Weave Basket was hosted as a 3-part crochet along (CAL) on the I Like Crochet Blog in September 2016. Below are the links to each of the CAL pages.

**A PDF download link can be found at the bottom of the post on Page 3.**

Page 1: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/ilc-blog/celtic-dream-basket-getting-started/

Page 2: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/ilc-blog/celtic-dream-basket-cal-next-steps/

Page 3: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/ilc-blog/celtic-dream-basket-cal-the-finishing-touches/