Fancy Fingerless Mittens

Fingerless gloves are widely popular in the winter, especially in offices where the temperature is always set just a little too cold. With these Fancy Fingerless Mittens, you can take your mitts outside as well, since they feature a little flap that covers your fingers and provides extra warmth and coziness. When you aren’t using them as mittens in the cold, keep them up in place with a little button. This is an easy pattern to work that features simple … Continue reading

Punky’s Fingerless Gloves

Almost everyone remembers the funny, brightly-garbed Punky Brewster of the same-named 80’s sitcom. My Punky line of crochet patterns was inspired by the quirky, colorful style of that little girl. They’re all fun to make and fun to wear. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! For a longer arm warmer version see this post. { Add it to your Ravelry Queue or Favorites } Skill level: Easy Sizes:  Small Child, Large Child, Teen / Adult, Large … Continue reading

Herringbone Fingerless Gloves

I designed this pattern at the request of my friend, Liz. She loves the Herringbone HDC stitch and asked me to incorporate it into some fingerless gloves. Since I needed a new pair for myself, I chose to make them in this pretty teal color called Dynasty from the Red Heart Sparkle Soft line. True to it’s name, this yarn is soft and not at all scratchy like other metallic yarns I’ve tried, and it has just the right amount … Continue reading

Star Stitch Gloves

                          The Crochet Star Stitch Fingerless Gloves are the perfect chunky accessory to wear when you go apple and pumpkin picking this fall. Worked up in a neutral shade of gray, these crochet fingerless gloves feature the popular star stitch pattern and a cute button detail. This intermediate crochet pattern is available in three different sizes, letting you work up a pair for any adult or child. Crochet … Continue reading

Cabin Fun Wristers

I was inspired to create these fingerless gloves after testing some of the coolest slippers for Pattern Paradise. The Sea Breeze Slippers, pictured to the right, are also made with the Houndstooth stitch. I had never tried this stitch before, and I instantly fell in love with it. If you’d like to make yourself a matching set, you can purchase the slipper pattern here. ~ Add It To Your Ravelry Queue or Favorites ~ Skill Level:   Intermediate Sizes: Small Child, … Continue reading