Star Stitch Boot Cuffs

With October bringing its gust of chilly weather, now is the time to start planning the perfect fall and winter accessories. To set the scene, picture yourself headed to work, a cup of coffee or hot cocoa—probably with a pinch of pumpkin spice—warming your hand, the collar of your overcoat turned up against the wind, and the perfect set of calf-high boots keeping your feet toasty. Something is missing, and that something is a pair of Star Stitch Boot Cuffs.Trendy … Continue reading

Celtic Dream Boot Cuffs

The Celtic Weave stitch has become one of my all-time favorites because it creates such a beautiful and unique texture. If you have never worked this stitch before you can check out my video tutorial HERE. ~ Add It To Your Ravelry Queue or Favorites ~ Skill Level: Advanced Sizes: Extra Small 10″ – 12″ (may fit Large Child) Small 12″ – 14″ Medium 14″ – 16″ Large 16″ – 18″ Materials: Worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart Super … Continue reading

Large Pompom

Pompom Photo Tutorial You can make a multicolored pompom by holding two or more colors of yarn together when wrapping the cardboard. 1)      Cut two pieces of cardboard that are slightly wider than the desired width of the pompom. Cut a 3-inch notch out of each piece, as shown. With the two pieces of cardboard together place a 12-inch piece of yarn in the notch. 2)      Wrap one strand of yarn around the ends of the cardboard pieces approximately 150 … Continue reading